Hi friends we are here present free Merry Christmas Script via this script you can create your own Christmas wishing website in few minutes This script is responsive and user friendly you can share the wish by whatsapp share button just enter the name in bottom and  click send then share button will appear then you can share the site and earn too yes !!! you can put some ads on this site it may be adsense ads or affiliate ads

In the script there are four places of ads.
you can also track the visits on the blog via Google Analytics code on the script.

  1. Mobile or Laptop or Desktop
  2. Blogger Account
  3. Notepad or Notepad ++ Software ( Download Link Given Below)
  4. an advertising account which can be adsense (or Revenue hits or Amazon affiliate or Cuelinks )
Merry Christmas merry xmas Viral Wishing Scripts features

  1. Responsive Design, Mobile Ready
  2. Ads Ready ( 4 Ad position in The script)
  3. Name Enter option in the bottom
  4. No Hosting Required Blogger Free Account is Enough

Revenue hits is a website like a Google AdSense you can place Ads to your website, blog or app and in revenue hits you have just created a account and that its ready for your website, blog, wishing blog unlike Google AdSense you have to wait for approval it.

Installation Procedure
  1. Login to your Blogger.com account if you have no blogger account then sign up
  2. click on "Create Blog" then Select a domain that suits to you.
  3. then click on the theme menu
  4. apply any theme but recommended the is Simple theme 
  5. then click on gear icon given on mobile template option and select No. Show desktop theme on mobile devices.
  6. go to down and click on Revert to Classic Themes and above html select off on Nav Bar
  7. Download the Script given from below button and copy that code to Text Editor app (Notepad or Notepad ++)
  8. Replace the "Your Url Here" url with our blog url via Ctrl+H find and replace.
  9. we have added 4 ad places please search "AD Code Here " and Paste your revenue hits or any other advertising site script and Click save.

and now your site is ready...

Don't forget things to Change
1. If year changes then Ctrl+H Find and replace 2019 to 2020 or any other year .
2. Off the "Blogger NavBar".
3. Replace the default code in blogger by Ctrl + A for all select and erase and glue your wishing content that is it! Click on "Save Theme".

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